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Komo Magic

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Product Description



The KoMo Magic

In Stock Guarantee!

Combining Fine European Elegance With a Modern Touch

The KoMo grain mills have many unique looks and differing capabilities, but the Magic may be the most unique of all the KoMo brand. The Magic is the only KoMo grain grinder to use stainless steel inserts for additional modern appeal in the outer cabinetry, adding an interesting aesthetic appeal to this excellent grain mill. It uses the same 250 Watt motor as the KoMo Fidibus 21, making it perfect for smaller amount of dry grains like wheat, rye, millet, and even some of the gluten-free grains like rice, quinoa, and amaranth. Like all other KoMos the Magic uses a high quality set of super-hard corundum-ceramic milling stones and comes with the full 12 year manufacturer's warranty, giving you extreme grinding durability and peace of mind all in one.


  • The KoMo Magic Electric Grain Mill
  • A Full 12 Year Manufacturer's Warranty


The Unique Cabinet Design
The KoMo Magic's stainless steel inserts and hopper make it a unique offering among the purely wooden KoMo mills. The combination of wood and stainless steel adds that modern flair to the Old World charm of the Magic's design, allowing it to be a handsome centerpiece in many different kitchens.

Durable German Grinding Mechanism 
The Magic is not merely handsome to look at: it is also fully functional and durable. The corundum/ceramic milling stones and the 250 Watt motor were both specifically designed for KoMo, and they work together to grind many different kinds of dry grains. The patented KoMo stone balancing system also lets the Magic rapidly switch from grinding very coarse cereal grains to pastry-fine flour with a simple twist of the hopper, in addition to lengthening the life of the grinding stones. Finally, cleanup is extremely easy: simply turn the hopper counterclockwise for two full turns to remove the hopper, and you have easy access to the stones and the spout for quick cleaning.

A Long List of Ingredients to Grind
The Magic can grind many dry grains, including wheat, rice, rye, millet, kamut, oat groats, dry spices, dry herbs, amaranth, quinoa, field corn, and buckwheat. Although it cannot grind oily seeds or particularly hard materials like popcorn, this still leaves you with a long list of fresh materials you can add to your home-cooked recipes.        




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Product Reviews


    Posted by Unknown on 16th Nov 2012

    About a week ago, I wrote an initial review, having just received my mill, but still then, unable to use it because I had to avait the arrival of a shipment of grain.

    The grain came yesterday and so today, I used the mill for the first time. For someone who is, like I am, technically challenged, this mill is so intuitive and user friendly to operate!

    I turned it on and adjusted the grind, first to two clicks away from the ultimate"fine" stop, turned on the mill (instructions indicate to turn it on before grinding, although Josh from Only Grain Mills said that this step isn't entirely necessary), and put in my requiste 2 cups to "clean" the new mill. (Actually, I cheated and only used one cup!).

    Immediately,out came the miracle of freshly ground whole wheat flour! I felt like someone who had just discovered a whole new world! And so easy! After feeling that first grind with my fingers, I decided it was a bit too coarse, so I clicked the machine over to the final "fine" stop, threw out the "cleaning" grind and put in fresh grain for the final grind.

    Within seconds, I had the 1 2/3 cups (with some to spare) I needed. No mess, no flour everywhere, minimal noise (it's actually rather a pleasant noise--there is something wholesome about it---and putting the lid on dampens the noise even more).

    The spout is aimed very well and is a perfect length for simply putting a bowl under it to receive the ground flour. I wiped up a few grains of flour that wound up on the counter and, for good measure, wadded up a dry papertowl and insterted it into the spout as far as I could reach (with the machine unplugged) to get out any left-over flour. A tiny amount came out.

    This mill is just perfect! Although it (and the KoMo brand in general) is considerably more expensive than other types of mills, I feel that since this is a life-time piece of equippment, that the price is worth the problem-free function, intuitive extremely user-friendly operation, and the absolute lack of any mess or anything to clean up afterwards. Then, as I noted before, even when just sitting on the counter doing nothing, this mill is a beautiful work of "kitchen" art. This is simply an outstanding product.

  2. Outstanding Customer Service

    Posted by Elizabeth on 9th Nov 2012

    My KoMo Magic just came today. Actually, I haven't used it yet because I'm awaiting a shipment of wheat to grind.

    However, just on appearance and functional design alone, I would rate this as a 5 star item. The combination of the beautiful beechwood and stainless steel are simple and elegant, and the machine seems entirely user friendly. There are no parts to attach, no complicated instructions to follow, no concerns about flour flying everywhere because a container was not properly attached. The KoMos simple design goes hand in hand with its understated elegance; it is truly like a work of art in my kitchen and I'm sure it will make milling wheat fun and easy.

    Most of all, I must applaud the customer service at Only Grain Mills. Upon receipt of my KoMo, I had some questions and was able to reach "Josh" instantly by phone. He was so pleasant and helpful; this company truly has a really personal touch and it is easy to feel totally secure that if any problems or questions were to develop, they will be there. There is no comparison between buying from this small, personal company that really cares about the products they sell and the customers who buy them, and a large, impersonal web-site with little or no customer follow-through and half the time no way to even contact someone by phone.

    The purchase of an expensive grain mill is a serious and long term investment in a baking hobby, a healthy lifestyle, and a smaller "footprint" way of life. It therefore makes sense to buy a mill through a company like Only Grain Mills----especialy when their prices are exactly the same as other, much more impersonal "warehouse" companies.

    I will be sure to follow through with an "update" after my first experience with the miracle of grinding my own flour at home in this beautiful machine. In the meantime, I strongly urge any shoppers out there to purchase their mill from this company.

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