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Why Home Grinding?

Store Bought Flour Has Been Stripped of Its Nutrional Value!

Flour grinding is an ancient art, practiced for thousands of years in a wide variety of ways. In our modern times we usually purchase pre-ground flour from a local grocery store rather than grinding it ourselves, but might there be an advantage to using home-ground flour instead of store bought?

First, let’s look into how flour is made, and what grinding does to it. When flour is ground, Whole Grain Anatomyyou are breaking the outer shell (or “bran”) and exposing the nutrients contained within the kernel (or berry) so that it can be baked into bread or made into cereal. In commercial milling the nutritious bran is taken out as are the middlings, which are basically a mixture of the powdered bran and the inner portion of the berry, known as the germ. The bran, middlings, and most especially the germ are the nutritious portions of the berry, but they are all removed because their shelf life once broken up by a mill is measured in days before they become rancid. What remains to be made into flour are a few pieces of the original berry known as the “endosperm”, which are bleached to get that uniformly white color, as well as any added nutrients that the mill uses to enrich their flour.

The result of this is that many of our breads, cakes, cookies and pastries are all made with flour that has severely reduced nutrition and is lacking in taste compared to freshly milled flour. Fortunately, today there are many home mills on the market that enable consumers to grind their own flour in their kitchens.

Home-ground flour, in comparison to the bleached and deficient product made by commercial milling, is positively bursting with nutrients. Since a home-mill can be used to grind only as much as you need, you can grind what flour you will eat before it becomes rancid and leave the rest of the grain as whole kernels which will keep indefinitely if properly stored. As a result, you can keep all of the nutritious and tasty bran, germ, and the oil inside of the germ in your breads, cakes, and cookies.

All of our mills, both manual and electric, produce flour that contains each of these vital components of a grain berry, giving you the ability to grind superior flour to feed you and your family.

A Wide Variety of Ingredients: 

Using a home grain mill allows you to use a large number of different grains, spices, and other ingredients in your baking. Fresh ground, without any added chemicals, preservatives, or altered in any way, these ingredients can add nutrition and taste to your recipes.

We present these guides for your convenience, to help you learn about the wide variety of ingredients available to you.

The 6 Different Kinds of Wheat

 Another Reason to Grind Your Own Flour:    Gluten-Free Breads 

Gluten-free breads, cakes, and cookies are all made from flour which can be easily ground at home from rice, almonds, quinoa and more. We've created guides and articles to help you with your gluten-free needs, which can be accessed here.